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Carrera launches new range of shaving, trimming solution

German personal care and lifestyle brand, Carrera has launched a premium grooming solution for men and women.

It has introduced Carrera 421 Shaver and Precision Trimmer, Carrera 622 Beard Trimmer, and Carrera 623 Beard Trimmer for the best shaving and trimming experience. These top-line products come powered by the latest technical innovations and an appealing look with an LED display to offer a complete shaving solution.

Carrera 421 Professional Shaver and Precision Trimmer with LED Display is wireless and rechargeable electric shaver comes with two precision shaving foils and an integrated trimmer. It sports a removable shaving head, a padded handle for better grip, and easy charging capabilities. The components include a shaver, USB mains adapter, storage pouch, cleaning brush, and a protective cap. It is priced at Rs 6,990.

Carrera 622 Professional Hair-Beard Trimmer with LED display comes with a high-performance battery that adjusts to the load in real-time to offer you the closest experience and to stick with you until you are done with it. This rechargeable and wireless trimmer comes with a titanium-coated ceramic blade with a built-in precision adjuster and a high-performance battery that runs for an hour on a single charge via USB. The ceramic moving blade is feather light and rock hard, and is less sensitive to heat.

The fixed blade is coated with titanium that makes it corrosion-resistant and durable. These two blades help the trimmer go to a cutting length from 21 mm to 36 mm or from 4 mm to 19 mm. These blades are supported with two variable attachment combs as well.

The smart packaging of the product includes a USB mains adapter, cleaning brush, oil, thinning comb, two variable cutting length attachments, and a storage pouch. The other highlights of the trimmer are a removable cutting set and an LED display. It is priced at Rs 6,990.


Carrera 623 Professional Beard Trimmer for Men with a LED display
comes with a razor-sharp, premium-grade stainless steel blade which is narrower than the one on a hair trimmer,  and it trims without pulling or tugging. The blade is not just incredibly sharp but also holds its edge well aided by a narrower cutting head.

The professional rust-free stainless steel system comes with a titanium-coated removable cutting blade. This is supported by a variable attachment comb assembly for hair lengths between 4 and 14 mm. There’s cutting length fine adjustment integrated into the appliance for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0 mm. The device is rechargeable and mains-operated, and can thus be set for a ‘with cord’ or ‘cordless’ experience.

It has a high-performance lithium battery with a flexible USB charge, and a digital LED display. The packaging includes a trimmer, USB mains adapter, cleaning brush, oil, one variable cutting length attachment, and a storage pouch. It is priced at Rs 6,490.


The devices are available with amazing discounts on Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa, and will soon be available on Tata Cliq.

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