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End the Year with a Food Fiesta, courtesy ‘The Mexican Box’!

The end of 2020 is around the corner and if you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve while staying home, order in from The Mexican Box. 

With at-home celebrations taking center stage this year, creating dining experiences at home for extended friends and family is what the festive trend has been all about. The Mexican Box, a premium Mexican cloud kitchen, offers a playful yet sophisticated menu of traditional Mexican dishes, as well as unique takes on some of the classics.

The menu is designed to be enjoyed at home exactly how one would at a Mexican restaurant – with friends and family, all in the mood for a fiesta. The extensive offerings ensure that there is something for everyone, and the brand’s packaging sets the tone, with its pop colours and flair. It’s perfect for entertaining at home, especially on an occasion like New Year’s Eve!

Designed to encourage luxury at-home dining, the packaging speaks of great attention to detail, with its high-quality finish and eye-catching design. Quirky artwork explaining the dishes are both light-hearted yet informative. With the pandemic continuing to encourage people to stay safely at home, The Mexican Box aims to convey that dining at home can still be a special experience, from the packaging to the actual food itself.

Mexican food is already designed to be enjoyed in groups, and The Mexican Box doesn’t disappoint on that front. Fun, party food from the brand includes dishes like ‘The Nacho Man’, the ultimate, DIY nacho kit. It includes house-coloured tortilla chips and all the fixings, such as queso sauce, refried beans, sour cream, jalapenos, tomato salsa, guacamole, spicy salsa verde, red radish and spring onion garnish, and house-made Mexican maccha chilli oil. Non-vegetarian add-ons include chicken and crispy bacon.

A house special ideal for gatherings, is ‘The Fajita Box’, another DIY kit that allows diners to choose a filling (grilled cottage cheese steak; grilled chicken; or lobster and prawn medley) served on a bed of grilled onions and peppers, and accompanied by yellow corn masa tortillas, a variety of toppings, and a side of Mexican rice.

No party is complete without pizza, and guests can order the brand’s ‘Mexican Pizza’, a crispy, heart-shaped flour tortilla topped with refried beans, tangy Mexican pizza sauce, cheese, red jalapenos, spring onions and sour cream. Additional toppings include mushrooms or chicken.

What’s more, health-conscious and vegan diners will also find a number of options to choose from. The Mexican Box offers Spicy Bean Soup which can be topped with vegan cheese; Vegan Mexican Pizza; and Vegan Cheese and Bean Quesadilla. Also available is the Naked Burrito Box, served on a bed of lettuce with avocado slices, black beans, grilled onions and peppers, and pickled banana peppers. Guests can add their choice of dressings, cheese, rice, slaw, and protein.

Festivities can only be considered complete with a range of beverages to wash it all down with! The Mexican Box offers pre-mixed Mexican drinks, premium beverages that come ready to pour. All the mixes are made without any added syrups or preservatives.

These include Margarita mix in mango, pineapple, agave, jalapeno flavor or raspberry and tender coconut; The House Bloody Maria; white and red Sangria Mix with an abundance of whole blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apple and charred orange; and Kiwi Lime Cucumber Mojito mix. Each drink comes with its own suggestions for which alcohol it pairs best with, if guests wish to create their own at-home cocktails.

Get set to count down to 2021 with delicious, authentic Mexican food and potent cocktails courtesy The Mexican Box. It’s a fiesta you won’t forget!

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