Fresh India Organics & Sucres Des Terres launch limited edition ice cream flavours

Fresh India Organics, the company that brings premium, high-quality organic produce to Mumbaikars’ doorsteps, has partnered with artisanal ice creamery Sucres Des Terres, on a limited-edition ice cream menu.

Using the freshest, seasonal produce from Fresh India Organics, Sucres Des Terres has developed three delicious ice creams:

Strawberry Tart: organic, seasonal strawberries from Mahabaleshwar mixed with house-made pie crumble.

Banoffee: Farm-fresh organic bananas with a hit of natural sea salt and caramel.

Orange & Rosemary: Organic oranges straight from the orchards of Nagpur, completed with a hint of rosemary.

Sustainably-sourced and lovingly handcrafted, the ice creams speak to both brands’ commitment to quality, seasonality, and flavour. The collaboratively-churned ice creams are abundant with the finest, seasonal produce and are all-natural, made without any form of chemical stabilisers or preservatives.

A large jar (500 ml) of these limited-edition flavors is priced at Rs 850, while a small jar (150 ml) is priced at Rs 225. 

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