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Games Knight by Mridula Gupta: Custom game sets for your friends & family!

Games Knight, founded by Mridula Gupta, is a brand that creates one-of-a-kind custom board games and card games for individuals and families, encompassing their favourite memories, stories and inside jokes. 

With 20 options to pick from, Games Knight offers an expansive range of board games, card games, wooden puzzles, personalised poker sets and more. From pet names to pet peeves, each game set is unique and created specially for the customer.

Happiest with a pair of scissors, paper and glue as a child, Mridula discovered her second passion, board games, as a teenager. She was 15 when she first modified a set of Monopoly for her best friend using old photographs and what started as a passion for board games and crafts 11 years ago is now known as Games Knight.

With so many options to pick from, Games Knight has something for everyone. It makes a perfect addition to your family, a gift for your partner or BFF, a fun bespoke addition to any bachelor or bachelorette party or even as a personal keepsake for yourself.

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