Jim Beam welcomes Jose Gonzalez for a unique rendition of ‘Valle Local’!

Globally acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter José González recently announced the release of ‘Valle Local’ – a stunning rendition of the track taken from his upcoming album ‘Local Valley’, set to be released this September and González’s first in six years. 

With millions of fans having missed live music for over a year and looking to reconnect with one another through their shared passion for it, Jim Beam Welcome Sessions is reuniting top artists with the iconic venues that gave them their first stage to film one-of-a-kind performances.

Marking the third of four unique releases planned by Jim Beam Welcome Sessions across 2021, the reimagining with José is filmed in the heart of The Michelberger, one of Berlin’s most iconic independent music venues. Showcasing the East German-inspired and majestic interiors of The Michelberger, the performance is filmed in various spaces throughout the hotel, including the courtyard, elevator, bar, and outdoor areas, and brings to life the importance of a space for a live performance by quite literally integrating it into the resulting sound. 

The collaboration with José sees the indie-pop artist use the unique acoustics and atmosphere of The Michelberger to add nuanced shifts in character to both the performance and the song itself in a manner where his unique style both shapes and is shaped by the bohemian vibe of the setting.

José González says, “As a touring musician, the welcome you feel within a space is so important for so many reasons, both in shaping what you do on stage but also the moments in between. From the moment you step through the doors of a venue like The Michelberger, the playful architecture and warm and inviting aesthetic immediately inspires and fuels the creative spirit, especially for musicians entering a building owned, run, and built with the distinct aim of fostering the writing, production and playing of live music.”

“Having spent a great deal of time in The Michelberger, my connection comes from memories wrapped in rich emotions of amazing nights spent in this space. For me, as a live performer, the experience of changing the mood among a group of strangers by taking them to two emotional ends of the spectrum throughout a gig is unlike any other. You can literally watch as they physically and mentally change in front of your eyes. The music itself creates a sense of unity that is firmly based on the experience of sharing something unrepeatable, special and totally individual with others,” he said.

Working in partnership with renowned music production team La Blogotheque and photographer Nick Helderman, famed for collaborations with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, Jack White, and Iggy Pop, the Jim Beam Welcome Sessions launched in June 2021 with the distinctive stylings of Jack Garratt, who brought passion to proceedings with an energetic, multi-instrumental rendition of ‘Time’, followed by Fontaines D.C.’s thrilling reworking of ‘I Was Not Born’. Following José González is the multi-award-winning Wolf Alice, with more artists to follow with live experiences in 2022 and supported by unique content and activities across the globe.

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