This Mother’s Day, gift Mom incredible travel experiences in the form of Karma Kettle teas

Mother’s Day is on May 9 and if your mother is a tea-lover, look no further than Karma Kettle for her Mother’s Day gift. Inspired by remarkable Indian destinations, Karma Kettle’s Mother’s Day collection features six teas, which can be gifted individually, or packaged into a limited-edition gift box of three teas that promise to take Mom’s taste buds on an exotic travel adventure.

Karma Kettle is a speciality tea company that offers an expansive selection of thoughtfully-crafted teas and tisanes designed to rejuvenate the senses and elevate the mind. It’s newest curation of bespoke blends make for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

Since travel to Mom’s favourite destinations is currently off the cards, Karma Kettle has the next best solution with their range of delightful brews that bring spectacular voyages to the palette instead. From the stunning hill station of Gulmarg, to the colourful Ghats alongside the Ganges, all the way to the lush tea estates of Darjeeling and the scenic mountain vistas of Sikkim, here are 6 aromatic teas that encompass a marvellous itinerary across the length & breadth of the nation. What better way to show Mom just how much she means to you!

Gulmarg- A tribute to the beauty of Kashmir, this authentic Kahwa Chai is sure to transport Mom to serene mountain lakes, pine forests, and snow-clad peaks. A green tea blend infused with almonds, safflower, cardamom, apricot, and saffron, this indulgent mix is sweet yet balanced. Gulmarg is available as loose leaves & pyramid tea bags, and is priced at Rs 400.

Benares- A complex yet rejuvenating brew, this Assam black tea masala chai features a blend of organic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, fennel, mace, nutmeg, and bay leaf. It also includes organic botanicals like rose petals and safflower, making it a seamless fusion of sweet & bold flavours. Benares is available as loose leaves & pyramid tea bags, and is priced at Rs 350.

Batasia- A Darjeeling black tea, Batasia brews into a bright yellow cup with flavour hints of cantaloupe and honeydew. With considerably less astringency, this comforting blend rounds off with a creamy finish. Batasia is available as loose leaves & pyramid tea bags, and is priced at Rs 350.

Darjeeling First Flush- A class favourite, this black tea is unique for its muscatel flavour and exquisite floral bouquet, best enjoyed as is without milk. This one is available in loose leaf tin boxes and is priced at Rs 450.

Darjeeling Second Flush- Much like the first flush, this black tea also features tones of Muscat (a type of grape), along with citrusy, earthy notes. This robust brew is perfect for your evening cup of tea. These loose tea leaves come packaged in a tin box, and are priced at Rs 400 each.

Nathula- A herbal, floral loose leaf tisane featuring Himalayan rhododendron, tulsi, clove, basil, marigold, and calendula, this herbal blend is reminiscent of the scenic vistas of Gangtok. This tisane is also a great aid for sleep and relaxation. What’s more, Rhododendron flowers are abundant with antimicrobial properties that help nourish your skin. Nathula is available as loose leaves and is priced at Rs 400.

If you aren’t sure which blends mom would love most, choose the Mystical India Special Edition Gift Box. This set features the Gulmarg Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea, the Benares Masala Chai, and the Nethula Herbal Tisane. A perfectly packaged representation of India’s diversity, this gift box includes 10 pyramid tea bags of each flavour, and is priced at Rs 600.

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