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What do color palettes of rooms reveal about our personalities?

Colors are more than a visual experience and a great way of communication. It holds the power to radically impact our mood and emotions. 

How one perceives a colour, tone or hue is completely subjective. While some love experimenting with colours, others might prefer opting for select few shades repeatedly. So, whether it is your bedroom or a favourite nook, the colours in your rooms can reveal a lot about your personality traits.

As we dive deep into the relation between colours and our personalities, here are a few home décor looks to suit your type-

Passionate red- Red is a colour of passion, love, and strength. Whether it is used in clothes, makeup, or home décor, it has the power to hold one’s attention. This colour is best suited for personalities who resonate with traits such as dynamism, somebody who is impossible to ignore, is impulsive, and extroverted.

While using this shade in your interiors, we suggest opting for decorative laminates to make a voguish statement and subtly weave in distinctive shades. Pair light brown textures of wood alternatively with red laminate décor as this combination will bring home a refreshing yet eye-catching look to your cabinet. Complete the look with a timeless matte-finished vase or decorative showpiece that will instantly accentuate the space.

As serene as blue- Shades of blue are always associated with the sky and water. If you prefer a calm and airy bedroom space, then start with layering your bed with a plain bed sheet, thick fabricated quilt, and velvet adorned cushions. Remember to keep this bedding set in shades of muted grey and light blue to make way for a comfortable sleep amidst a warming ambiance.

Keep your space uncluttered and bring the goodness of nature indoors with a floor plant. You can use dim lighting to zone areas. This soothing indulgence is perfect for those looking to transform their bedroom into a peaceful paradise. For walls, opt for scratch-resistant wooden laminates in grey colour with a slight texture to blend with the décor theme.

The vibrancy of yellow- The colours we choose for our walls have a high influence on our mood and energy. Therefore, we often feel like choosing happy, positive, and encouraging colours especially for the area dedicated to studying or reading. Go for hues of yellow as this colour instills eclecticism with its cheery vibes and radiates good energy. This colour is preferred by people who love innovation and originality.

To infuse the vibrancy of this shade, start by bringing the sun rays to your walls with a yellow laminate décor. Moreover, the laminate’s resistance to cracks, steam, scratch, and surface wear and tear makes it suitable for daily usage, especially considering the increased adoption of work from home. Place white framed artworks on your walls as statement pieces to compliment the yellow colour. Lastly, keep your furniture wooden and minimal that will help you relax and enjoy your me-time!

Glamorous lilac- Shades of the purple family are usually preferred by those who have a highly creative streak, and Lilac lovers aspire for uniqueness but lean to the more sentimental, softer side of purple. The best way to glam up your room is by getting mellow-dramatic with your interiors. Choose lilac laminate decors for walls and pair with engineered wooden floors in light brown colour to achieve an effortless balance.

To further make your interiors interesting, play around with floral patterned cushions topped on a muted grey sofa set. Complete this look with a mix of open and closed cabinets in wooden laminates to inject an eclectic effervescence. This look will leave you stunned with calm yet spectacular vibes!

Rejuvenate with green- Green is nature’s most ubiquitous and versatile shade. While it is the perfect equaliser between warm and cool tones, shades of green are loved by those who are finding the balance they always strive for. It’s the colour of renewal, prosperity, and harmony. Therefore, this colour is capable of broadcasting natural sparkle and stability.

To bring home a rejuvenating retreat, you can add nature’s colour to your otherwise plain décor. For instance, go for a light green laminate décor for your closed cabinetry that will blend with your soft colour palette. Also, since decorative laminates come with dimensional stability, you can use them in any climatic condition without worrying about replacing them seasonally. Lastly, enhance this set-up with the timeless charm of ceramic ware and net curtains to maintain the décor theme.

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