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Ek Mini Katha: ‘It deals with a bigger message’, says Santhosh Shoban

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Ek Mini Katha’ released on Thursday and the reviews on this light-hearted, romantic-comedy with an underlying social message is garnering a positive response from audiences and critics alike.

Speaking about his preparation for the film, Santhosh Shoban shares, “I did read up and I did my own bit of research. It’s a film that does not just deal with small penis syndrome, but there’s a larger picture to it. It’s not about just one guy, it is about all of us. In most phases of our life, we all feel that we are not enough. It deals with a bigger message.”

“I always told Gandhi sir ‘You did not write a good script. I think you wrote a great script.’ I truly believe it’s a great film, in the most mainstream commercial format. He had the courage to speak the truth. I wanted to get in the zone and read up about it but Gandhi sir and Karthik believe in timing and deal with performances on the spot. It is a new kind of performance preparation I have learnt from them,” he said.

“Thanks to Gandhi and Karthik, performing in this film was a smooth ride. I really didn’t have to work too hard, they knew what they wanted. I actually think, Gandhi and Karthik are secretly great performers themselves”, he further adds.

‘Venkatadri Express’ fame Merlapaka Gandhi has donned many hats in this film. While he has written the film, he also mentored it as well. Speaking about the research to portray this issue in the film, Gandhi shares, “I did my part of the research, studied about the subject that can make me understand the problem and the information that can be used  in the film. I started reading articles about it, met doctors for this and the statistics of people being affected by this problem. We tried to add a little fun to this character and make it a fun film to watch.”

The Telugu film is high on concept that is unconventional and never shown before. The makers have pleasingly given out a social message in a light-hearted manner stirring clear of any harsh feelings. The syndrome is widely faced by men and this is the first time, it has been highlighted in a cinematic representation.

The film is directed by Karthik Rapolu and written by Merlapaka Gandhi. ‘Ek Mini Katha’ is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video — go watch it now and ponder over the thought— does size really matter?

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