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Here’s how ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ told us how to release a film during pandemic!

From the get go of talks around Salman Khan starrer ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ releasing in a hybrid model with a pay per view format, there were speculations about it. The common folks had expected the film to release in theatres too, just like the makers but the unprecedented second wave of the pandemic changed everything.

Difficult times called for an even better plan of action for the release, the superstar’s stardom is worthy of much more than 4000 screens and the OTT has a wider reach among audiences. Makers of ‘Radhe’, bagged the opportunity to make the family entertainer available for audiences across the globe while, the film was going for a theatre release abroad, in India the film went on for a hybrid release.

It is a historical step for Indian cinema to have found a way to release films in this pandemic. The constant debate of theatre releases over digital releases can now be put to rest because viewers have clearly enjoyed ‘Radhe’ on the OTT. In fact, these stressful times called for a mega entertainer movie and ‘Radhe’ was just that for the audiences.

Source close to the Zee Studios shares, “This release on the platform has surely opened doors for many producers. There have been constant calls taking place with producers who are eyeing to release their films on our platforms. This release model cracks a different puzzle for the industry, shows how to release a film in this time and after the release of Radhe, producers now see it as a viable option.”

With the monopoly of theatres being broken, ‘Radhe’ sets the record and with Zee proving its worth, producers and filmmakers will now look at an OTT platform of their choice to present their content.

It was raining views on ‘Radhe’ on the weekend and fans cannot get enough of the film. The film has played a pivotal role in changing the landscape of film releases, here in India. The best part yet remains that the business will remain unhindered even on OTT and the magnanimous reach only makes things better.

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