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Shershaah: ‘Ranjha perfectly evokes the feeling of hope & longing’, says Sidharth Malhotra

Riding high on the success of ‘Raataan Lambiyan’, ‘Shershaah’ gets yet another soothing melody for fans with the emotional track ‘Ranjha’. This soulful number, pictured around Bollywood diva Kiara Advani and heartthrob Sidharth Malhotra, seeks to provide comfort to the two lovers who are soon to be away from each other for a long time. 

Based on the life of PVC Captain Vikram Batra (being played by Sidharth), the song sees the actor Sidharth and Kiara (who plays his then girlfriend Dimple Cheema) enacts how difficult it is to let go off that special someone whom you love. Shot in the landscape of realistic and relatable life situations, Ranjha reflects the plight of a couple who face a halt in their sweet love story.

Produced by Sony Music, Ranjha features heartfelt lyrics by Anvita Dutt, soothing composition and vocals by Jasleen Royal along with by B Praak. Weaving together small but precious moments of a relationship, the song is sure to forge a connection with both viewers and listeners.

Elaborating on the musical composition of the song, Jasleen Royal said, “Ranjha isn’t a song it’s a feeling. It is an ode to lovers who leave no stone unturned to profess their love to someone despite them being on the verge of being away from each other for a long time. Since this song is set in the 1990’s the song weaves together both B Praak and my smooth vocals to give one the feel of an old-school romance that was a hallmark of that era. I am sure the audience will enjoy this song as much I did while composing and singing it.’’

Speaking about his experience, Sidharth said, “Ranjha is a heart-warming song about a couple who decide to live in the moment and cherish the smallest pleasures of life and the love that they have to offer. The character I play here is a man who can go any lengths to bring a smile on her lover’s face and is one who is not worried about tomorrow for he lives in the present. Perfectly evoking the feeling of hope and longing, I am sure that the song is going be loved across generations because we all have felt this at some point or the other.”

Speaking about ‘Ranjha’, Kiara said, ‘’Ranjha is a song that makes one sit on their windowsills with a hot cup of coffee and watch the rain pour down as they recall their cherished moments with their loved ones. Ranjha depicts the emotions of wanting to hold on to your loved one a little longer, just the way Dimple looks at Captain Vikram Batra.

Speaking about the song, B Praak, said “Ranjha is decorated with words that seek to bring out the sensitive and empathetic perspective of a lover. The song has the rare but classic element of longing and separation which, in my opinion brings out the chemistry between the couple in its truest sense. The songs that I am a part of are a story in itself and what better way to convey a love story that depicts the highs and lows of a relationship than Ranjha.’’

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