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Tracing her varied & strong characters, Vidya Balan celebrates empowerment this Women’s Day

One of the most versatile actors of Bollywood, the powerhouse of talent Vidya Balan has entertained us through her unmatchable talent with her impactful characters. A true embodiment of a fierce and confident woman, whose unapologetic self gives every girl the strength to live on the edge, Vidya Balan gave an ode to her on-screen characters with a heartwarming post.

Known for her unconventional choices of movies, snubbing down the patriarchal norms, Vidya has lead her career gracefully. Making her Bollywood debut with ‘Parineeta’ to her recent release ‘Shakuntala Devi’, Vidya is in true sense the hero of her films.

Tracing her career and the iconic characters she has played, Vidya Balan posts a heartfelt message for all the women on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Encapsulating her journey she writes, “Lalita- The ethereal beauty, the pained lover and the “Parineeta” every woman wants to be. Shakuntala Devi- The brains, the grit and the pathbreaker. Silk- The eternal temptress and the story like no other. Sabrina- The sister who fought, and fought hard for justice for her sister Jessica. Vidya Bagchi- The wife who left no page unturned in her “Kahaani”; in her quest to seek out answers, to avenge her husband’s death. Dr. Vidya- The Maa and the Paa.”

“I am grateful to have had a chance to play so many women, we all individually are so many women, we embody so many of them; The beauty, the teacher, the seeker, the pathbreaker, the temptress, the sister, the wife, the nurturer, the shakti, the mother and the father—One in all, all in one,” Vidya said.

“To each and everyone, thank you for being you, thank you for the roles you play. I celebrate you and me today, and every single day. Happy Women’s Day,” the actress added.

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Carving the varied essence of being a woman through her diverse characters, Vidya thanks and celebrates the individuality of every woman and the numerous roles they  all play so effortlessly in their lives.

Taking on another strong and empowered character, Vidya Balan is currently gearing for the release of her upcoming next ‘Sherni’.

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