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Dharm Yoddha Garud: How did Maharani Vinta become her sister Kadru’s daasi?

They say there is nothing more pristine than the bond between sisters. Then what prompted Kadru (Parul Chauhan) to enslave Vinta (Toral Rasputra) and vanquish her son Garud (Faisal Khan)? What transpired between the two? In one of its most awaited reveals, Sony SAB’s ‘Dharm Yoddha Garud’ is set to unwrap the truth behind Vinta’s subjugation in the upcoming episodes. As prophesied by the great sages, Vinta’s son was destined to be the King of the Birds and the Conqueror of the Skies. This made Kadru insecure who devised an evil plan to entrap her sister into a lifelong bondage.

The show traverses back in time to reveal how both sisters would often engage in casual betting at their leisure. Kadru used this to her advantage and tricked Vinta into engaging in several bets with her under the pretense of merry making. As fate had it, Vinta lost one such bet and it changed her life forever. Kadru schemed against her own sister and forced her into a life of humiliation and suffering. And Kadru’s evil soul was satisfied knowing that Vinta’s son would now be born as a Daasi putra, devoid of the powers that were in store for him.

Parul Chauhan who essays the role of Kadru says, “Kadru always aimed for power and authority. Realizing that Arun, despite being Vinta’s half born child, is mightier than her 1000 sons combined, she dreaded how powerful Garud can be. She couldn’t have let the King of Birds go free anyhow to become an invincible ruler one day. The thought of someone crossing her over shook her to the core and that’s why she gave it her all to control Garud and make him submit to her whims. She had dictated the fate for Vinta and Garud, but destiny had planned otherwise. It would be interesting for the audience to witness the truth in the upcoming episodes.”

Toral Rasputra who essays the role of Vinta says, “Vinta, never in her wildest dreams could have gauged that her own sister would be plotting against her. She has always been the simple minded one and had never longed for power or control. She didn’t anticipate that what she considered as a casual bet was actually a carefully crafted plan to enslave her and force her into a life of humiliation. What made her heart ache more was that her son, who was destined to be the King of the Birds was born as a Daasi Putra. Kadru’s retaliation came to her as a shock and the upcoming episodes will show how Vinta went from being a queen to a slave. “

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