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‘Dharm Yoddha Garud’: Takshak & Kaalia spill the beans on their off-screen bromance

In less than two months since its debut, Sony SAB’s ‘Dharm Yoddha Garud; has successfully managed to amass high praise from the audiences owing to its gripping and visually appealing storyline and strong performances. Also, bolstering its wow factor are the two serpent brothers Kaalia and Takshak who’s dramatic flare, strong bond and matching sense of mischief not only keeps Garud, the king of birds on his toes but the audiences of the show as well.

Always up to new pranks on screen, their offscreen bromance and camaraderie seems just as mischievous. Commenting on the same, Angad Hasija said, “Working with Ankit has been a blast. We clicked from the very first day we met, and that bond really reflects on-screen. Just like Takshak and Kaalia are always causing trouble on screen, I would say Ankit is also my partner in-crime off camera because we often stage a lot of pranks on each other and share a good laugh. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in our pranks that the crew has to force us back into the sets. While Kaalia is more flamboyant and Takshak is comparatively calm as characters, in real life too, we balance each other out as he is more outgoing and more of a Mr Cool than me who is much more level headed.”

Sharing details on their offscreen escapades Ankit Raaj said, “I’m glad to have found a friend in Angad. We spend so much time together in front of the camera that without a real bond, our antics as a duo would not have connected with the audiences much. We are almost the same age so we share similar interests in music and movies so we are usually chilling together in between shoots, I think that’s how we became friends as well. Both of us are gym freaks and since our roles also require us to stay in shape, we often workout together as well. Off screen, you will find us sharing workout tips and songs and during shoots, it’s mostly advising each other on how to make the scenes better.”

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