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Gargi leads by example as she takes over Daddy’s business in ‘Sab Satrangi’

Sony SAB’s slice of life offering ‘Sab Satrangi’ is headed for a major twist as our boss lady Gargi (Kangan Baruah) and her in-laws take over Daddy Khushwa’s (Satyajit Sharma) business after he is sentenced to prison. The plot becomes even more intense as Mannu (Mohit Kumar) finally garners the much-needed courage to confess his feelings for Gargi and the tension heightens between the two. With our level-headed Mannu finally in love and unafraid to express it, Gargi is definitely in for a real surprise.

The ongoing track showcases Daddy Khushwa deciding to surrender for the sake of his family.  Gargi steps up to take care of the business as the Maurya family collectively comes together to support her decision. Unfortunately, they did not know the mess, it would lead to. Daadi builds a good case by suggesting that selling bhang won’t invite danger on any front. However, things get heated up when the MLA tries to arm-twist Gargi into giving up on the business but backs down when he gets a push back from Gargi and her family. While Mannu gets busy defending his lady love and fighting for her hard work, he unknowingly blurts out his feelings for Gargi, leaving the latter with butterflies in her stomach and a throbbing heart.

Mohit Kumar essaying the role of Mannu said, “Mannu has realized his feelings for Gargi and wants to support and protect her. Knowing Mannu, he will go to any length to be there with her in his full capacity. With Daddy Khushwa behind bars, it’s his responsibility to look after Gargi and his family and ensure their wellbeing. I am sure the audiences will be hooked to their screens with the sequence of events in the next few episodes. So, keep watching the show and keep rooting for Mannu.”

Kangan Baruah essaying the role of Gargi said, “Gargi courageously stepped up to take on the business and thankfully was supported by her family. She bravely stood up against the MLA and is glad that she has Mannu to back her up. It will be exciting to see how she responds to Mannu’s confession and what happens next definitely deserves a watch. Gargi and Mannu complement each other and have started realizing the bond they share. At this moment, Gargi is overwhelmed but whether or not she reciprocates will be a nail- biting surprise for the audience.”

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