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‘I have big dreams in my eyes’, says Deepak Singad who receives praises in ‘Dance Deewane’

Big, small, unrealistic or aspirational – we all have dreams that we hope will one day come true. The Indian heartland is home to a lot of talent that seldom get the opportunity to shine in the limelight. 

But short-form video app MX TakaTak, home to over 21 million unique content creators is set on changing this narrative and one such case is that of MX TakaTak’s influencer Deepak Sinead who has made an appearance on reality show ‘Dance Deewane’, receiving great appreciation by none other than India’s dancing diva – Madhuri Dixit!

Coming from a humble background, Deepak is a 23-year-old from Neemuch with a talent that is anything but ordinary. Loading straw on buggies in the day, this dancer admits to looking forward to the evening when he can do the one thing he loves – record dance videos!

He started recording videos outside his home, against the backdrop of broken brick houses in the village, dressed in his trademark loose shirt and pants but his contemporary dance moves overshadow his surroundings and his talent moves the viewer’s emotions to connect with his art form. 

MX TakaTak gives him a virtual stage to connect with millions of followers from across the length and breadth of the country and today, the world has his eyes on him. From going to sleep on an empty stomach and living in a house where water seeps through the roof, to being recognised on a national stage, Deepak is impressively paving the way for bigger dreams.

“I have always been fond of making videos but being on a leading platform like MX TakaTak has further given me the courage to express myself and show the world this gift that has been given to me. I have 1.4Mn followers on this platform and it gave me the confidence to present myself on TV as well”, says Deepak Singad.

He continued saying, “I am a small-town boy with big dreams in my eyes. I would’ve never imagined so many people watching me dance. My mother, my village is so proud, it is unreal. I want to be able to support myself and my mother comfortably, that is what I wish to accomplish.”

Well, we’d like to wish all the very best for his journey on this reality show!

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