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Kaatelal & Sons: ‘We always support each other’, says Megha Chakraborty on her bond with Jiya Shankar

Sony SAB’s light-hearted and inspirational show ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ narrates the motivational story of two sisters Garima (Megha Chakraborty) and Susheela (Jiya Shankar) who aim to inspire the audience to believe that dreams have no gender.

Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar from ‘Kaatelal & Sons’, our beloved Garima and Susheela, share an extraordinary camaraderie. From making amazing BTS videos off-screen to playing pranks with each other on the set, they have turned this on-screen sisterhood into a very strong friendship in real life.

Here is how they spilt a series of secrets about each other:

Megha Chakraborty, talking about her bond with Jiya Shankar, said, “It has always been fun shooting with Jiya as we always support and back each other up. From giving each other suggestions about improvising a scene to pulling a prank on each other, we have done it all. I really adore the child-like innocence that Jiya possesses, and we do genuinely share a fantastic rapport on and off-screen. We have shared numerous secrets with each other just like how the real sisters do.”

Agreeing to which Jiya said, “Megha and I are very comfortable with each other and our bond is exactly like Garima and Susheela from the show. We have loads of dhamaal and masti while shooting and I believe that our off-screen chemistry is one of the key reasons why the audience love to watch us on-screen. We have performed some of the most exciting scenes together and we have shot them very effortlessly, which makes this relationship and my entire journey of the show extremely special.”

Revealing the prankster on the set, Megha said, “I had once pulled a chair when she was about to sit, and she slipped and fell. After that, even I wasn’t spared. (laughs) Whenever I am in a bad mood, Jiya is always there to comfort me with a tight hug. I really appreciate the bond and memories that we have shared.”

Jiya further added, “Megha plays a lot of pranks on the sets and it’s fun-filled. We enjoy our time to the fullest on set. We make reel videos, fun-filled BTS videos and it’s great working with her. I feel blessed to be a part of this show, which encourages the masses to dream regardless of their gender and I want my fans to keep showering both of us with their immense love and support. We promise to keep entertaining you and the storyline will get more exciting with new twists and turns. So, stay tuned to Kaatelal & Sons and join us in this very enriching journey.”

Keep watching ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ on Sony SAB Monday to Friday at 1930 hrs.

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