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Make them feel loved: Juhi Parmar on people taking care of COVID-19 patients

Zee TV’s ‘Hamariwali Good News’ is a primetime drama that has kept its audience at the edge of their seats since its inception. After Renuka’s death and Meera’s entry, the show has seen several twists and turns, keeping the viewers glued to their TV sets while they stay indoors during this pandemic. 

With such a gloomy atmosphere, the actors of the show have tried to keep their fans and followers positive through the show as well as their social media pages. In fact, Juhi Parmar who plays the role of Meera has now shared a very important message for people across India.

Like several people across India, Juhi was also shocked a month or so when she found out that her mother had tested positive for COVID-19. Though she has recovered, the journey wasn’t easy and with people across the country stressed about their families or friends who are suffering from the illness, Juhi shared anecdotes from her own COVID scare at home. In order to help people in looking after their family members suffering from COVID-19, she shared a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while helping a patient cope with the illness.

As Juhi mentioned, “COVID-19 has scared us and this time around the second wave in India is really deadly and it has hit us, either close to home or right at home. In my case, unfortunately my mom tested positive and then started the 15-day journey of isolation. But with the isolation and medication there are many dos and don’ts for the recovery of a COVID patient. While my mom was at home isolated in a room, we as a family were there to look after her. I am sharing with you my experience and how we at home helped my mother recover, the care that is needed and all that you too can do if you have a family member who has tested positive.”

The actress further added, “First of all, it is important to understand that if you are at home only, that doesn’t mean you can’t get infected. My mother was the person at home most of the times, but she was the one who tested positive, so we should absolutely take care of our immunity. My mom also didn’t have any fever or sore throat, she was feeling fatigued since two – three days and hence, it is important to keep a track of the symptoms and detect COVID early.”

“We got her tested and as soon as her positive report came in, I remember I was shooting for Hamariwali Good News, I packed up, came home and we isolated her and got ourselves tested. This is a really important step to follow, self-testing. I would also advise everyone to keep an oximeter handy, so that you can keep a track of the patient’s oxygen level and if it drops, then you should immediately consult your doctor and follow their recommendations,” she said.

“One more important thing to do is to keep the patient hydrated, you should see to it that they have at least 8 – 10 glasses of warm or normal water along with a glass or two of fresh fruit juice, either orange or lemon juice which are rich in Vitamin C. Coconut water and buttermilk can be given too. Do not give them oily food or canned items. Fresh, home-cooked meals are the best and it should be simple, so that is easy for digestion,” says Juhi.

“We must also understand that they are trapped inside their room alone, going through a lot, they’re feeling unwell, so we need to keep a regular check on their mental health too. Make them feel loved, cared for and spread a positive vibe, so that they feel secure. We used to do regular video calls with mom every two hours or so, to check up on her, make her feel that she has people taking care of her,” she said.

“See, they are scared already, saying things that might give them stress will only add to their misery, so avoid negative news completely. Speak about positive things, it will only inspire them to get better soon. I really hope these measures are of your help and you or your near and dear ones, whoever is suffering from COVID-19 gets well soon. Please take care, stay safe and let’s hope that this pandemic ends soon,” mentions Juhi.

While Juhi Parmar is inspiring people to stay positive, her onscreen character Meera has also turned around Mukund’s life and rid him of his misery after Renuka’s death. But will the two fall in love? Or what will happen next?

To know all this and more, tune into ‘Hamariwali Good News’ every Monday to Friday at 1930 hrs on Zee TV.

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