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My dad makes me feel secure & I hope to find a boy like him: Roopal Tyagi

For most daughters, their fathers are their pillar of strength. Likewise, fathers generally have a soft spot for daughters.

On Father’s Day, Roopal Tyagi who is presently seen in Dangal TV’s ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ shares some of her fondest memories with her father, and how she hopes to find a partner like him who makes her feel secure.

Sharing an unforgettable memory with her dad, Roopal says, “My fondest memory of my dad is going for long drives. When we were kids, one day dad came and woke my brother and me and told us that you kids are skipping school today and we are going for a drive. He used to take us to some amazing locations and because of this, we have actually explored most of South India by car. So my fondest memories are of my dad and mom singing in the car and me and my brother sulking behind as they used to listen to the old Hindi songs and we wanted to listen to the latest ones. But now when I go for a drive I end up playing the same songs that my dad listens to.”

She also adds, “My dad has always taught me that there is no end to want. Keep wanting things for the rest of your life as long as you have what you need, you should feel a sense of content and security. This is one of the greatest teachings my dad has given me. He makes me feel secure and I hope to find a boy like him and I think every girl dreams of that.”

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