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‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’: What condition would Lalita let Ranju & her daughters stay?

Lalita is waiting for Guddu Ji at breakfast time, while Lucky, Vicky and Bindu also arrive there. Ranju with her whole family is at Guddu Ji’s house. 

He is shocked to see them here while Ranju blames him and tells that if they wouldn’t have lost everything, they would also be staying here with him. Shanti Devi tells him the entire story and blames him for everything that has happened with Ranju and her daughters.

Guddu Ji doubts this and asks Lalita whether Ranju is saying the truth. Lalita being all emotional plays a game. Guddu Ji in anger asks Ranju to leave, he then holds her hand and takes her out of the house. Ranju’s daughters stop him from doing that. Lalita and Bindu are in deep planning and Lalita lets them stay only on one condition.

What condition would Lalita let Ranju and her daughters stay?

‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising four daughters in a patriarchal society. Catch ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ at 2130 hrs on Dangal TV.

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