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‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’: Will Guddu Ji accept Ranju as his wife?

Shalu are Vishesh are caught by the police as they were investigating the hotel. Vishesh tells the police that he is Shalu’s husband. When the police confirms the same with Shalu, she says a yes and the police leaves from there.

Next day when Bachu Pandey reads the newspaper, he is shocked to read that Vishesh and Shalu are a married couple. On the other hand Lalita and Guddu Ji are shocked to see the news as well.

Bachu Pandey comes to Ranju’s house with the shocking news and accuses her that it was all her planning. Shalu gives everyone an explanation of what had happened, as no one was believing her. Guddu Ji meanwhile asks Vishesh if he really likes Shalu and he agrees. Hearing this Bachu Pandey is very angry and tells them he will only agree to this marriage if Guddu Ji accepts Ranju as his wife.

How would Ranju react to the news? Will Guddu Ji accept Ranju as his wife?

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