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‘Wagle Ki Duniya’: Baccha ya Bada? Atharva poses trickiest question of all to his parents

Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ continues to keep the audience glued to the show with exciting and relatable day to day. In the upcoming episodes, we see how Atharva gets frustrated with his parents as they keep calling him a ‘kid’ in certain situations but ‘old enough’ as per their convenience otherwise.

Atharva feels his parents’ behaviour is unfair towards him as they change their stance about his age and maturity according to the situation, which irritates him. As a protest, the innocent Atharva decides to go on a hunger strike. Rajesh and Vandana try to calm him down and request him to not go on a hunger strike so instead Atharva puts a condition, that for the next three days if anyone refers to him as ‘old enough’, the person will have perform an act of punishment as decided by him.

The question is, will the Wagles’ come to a common conclusion for this problem or will Atharva’s frustration increase?  What is the punishment Atharva has in mind?

Pariva Pranati, essaying the role of Vandana, said, “As artists, we always endeavour to bring a smile on the faces of our fans and I feel so lucky and blessed that with the role of Vandana, I am able to do it. The upcoming track is very interesting not only for the kids who love the show but also for the parents as well. We have all faced this situation growing up, parents wanting us to behave maturely in certain situations and enjoy like a kid in certain other.”

“The challenge put by my son, Atharva would be interesting to watch and the climax of that challenge would be very intriguing  in a way that would reveal a different facet of Atharva.  We all are working very hard and putting our heart and soul into the episodes. I would like to request the audience to keep watching the episodes from the comfort of their homes,” says Pariva.

Sheehan Kapahi, essaying the role of Atharva, said, “Baccha ya Bada? This is a very confusing question, and the upcoming track will address this dilemma brilliantly. Throughout our show’s journey, we have always tried to bring highly relatable topics, which I feel has struck the right chord with our viewers. For kids of my age, this is the biggest question in our minds, and for our parents, they are probably facing similar questions too. How will my parents react to this question? The upcoming episodes will unravel the mystery.”

Keep watching ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ on Sony SAB Monday to Friday at 2100 hrs. 

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