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Who is this mysterious con artist in ‘Maddam Sir’?

Sony SAB’s value-driven show ‘Maddam Sir’ follows the principle of ‘policing with heart’ and continues to receive appreciation from the audience for its engaging stories that highlight different issues and topics. The upcoming episodes will witness SHO Haseena Malik (Gulki Joshi) trying to find a mysterious lady conning men.

A new case knocks at the door of Haseena Malik about a con artist who has conned several men over a call. The latest victim of this conning, Kailash (Kunnal Sheth), files a case against this suspicious lady. Haseena, in her attempt to find this mysterious lady, instantly instructs her team to start working on this case and find out more details. Kailash requests Haseena to not disclose the specifics about this mysterious lady to his wife as he has mortgaged his wife’s jewellery and has given the money to the con artist. 

Despite Kailash’s attempt to hide his misdeed, his wife reaches the mahila police thana to file a complaint about her missing valuables. Haseena chooses to not disclose Kailash’s secret to his wife and save his marriage and is committed to stop this mysterious con artist from conning more people. The team is putting their heads together to find out more, and Santosh gives a sign of relief by informing that she has tracked a similar woman through social media. Haseena, without delay, orders the team to get into the depth of the matter and get more details about it. Will Haseena get hold of this con artist?

Gulki Joshi, essaying the role of SHO Haseena Malik, said, “Haseena has always solved cases following her instincts and this time she is tasked to find out about the con artist and tries her best to protect Kailash’s secret. This case has an interesting turning point to it, and I can guarantee that the viewers will enjoy the exciting episodes and be hooked to the show. In reality too, such instances with con artistes fooling janta are very common, I would appeal to the audience that please be alert and never share personal information to any stranger and please beware of such fraudulent practices.

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