Would you like to possess the power of invisibility? Here’s what your favourite Sony SAB stars have to say

Power of invisibility is a desire that we carry on in our hearts from childhood, craving to fulfil some of our fun and mischievous thoughts. 

Sony SAB’s very own ‘Hero’ – Veer (Abhishek Nigam) from ‘Hero: Gayab Mode On’ has rekindled our desires to possess the power to be invisible, either it by popping out in front of someone to scare them or helping the people in need. Every individual has their own take on invisibility, but there is always a hidden child who wants to create nuisance everywhere while being invisible.

While our HERO is busy accomplishing his motive of bringing out his father’s discovery to the real world, our Sony SAB artists also revealed what they would do if given power of Invisibility.

While you have already started creating a list of things you would do if you had the powers of invisibility, here’s what Siddharth Nigam, Sayantani Ghosh and other superstars from Sony SAB shows have to say:

Siddharth Nigam a.k.a Aladdin from ‘Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga’ wants to travel the world, “Given the power of invisibility, I will travel all over the world without paying money anywhere, to the places where no one is allowed, I will visit them too. That’s the fun side, but I will surely help needy people and catch all the criminals and evil people who do any of such immoral or wrong-doings in the world. This will be surely of too much adventure for me.”

Sayantani Ghosh who essays the role of Daljeet Bagga in ‘Tera Yaar Hoon Main’ said, “I will use my invisible power for the world by being present in important meetings. I want to be there and get the first hand information as a commoner that what’s happening around us. So, if I will be present there, I can know exactly what happened in those meetings and I feel information is a power and an important tool and a lot can be done with the right information.”

“For myself, I will use the power to pop up at places, to know what other people are thinking and talking about me, or you are awaiting for some information and people are taking time, I will just go there and get to know what’s all happening. More or less this is what I will do, and am a huge fan of Bradley Cooper, so I will spend whole day with him, without him knowing and enjoy the day with real Bradley Cooper,” she added.

Sharing the same wanderlust and the zeal to bring the world justice as Siddharth, Paras Arora who plays the role of Dr. Pramod in ‘Kaatelal and Sons’ said, “I will really enjoy the fact that I have superpower of invisibility and will try to know the real faces of people, whatever they are talking about me behind my back, so I think it will be great to have such a super power. With this invisibility, I will travel around the world without any charges or cost of ticket, that I can stay in any hotel, in anybody’s room, travel through flight without being seen.”

“On the other side, I would also like to help the people in need and fight against crime, I believe to become the Robinhood with such powers by helping people on the streets, whatever I would be capable of. I surely will try to help them and I will also try to make this world a better place to live in and become a HERO with a ring,” Paras adds.

Garima aka Megha Chakraborty from ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ said, “If I would have the power of invisibility, I would like to help all the stray animals and punish those who bother or hit them in anyway. For using it for myself, I will visit various houses and tune in to Sony SAB channel in case they are watching some other channel. In order to help the world, I will provide food, water and shelter for the needy by sourcing the requirements from the rightful places.”

Now that Sony SAB artists unfolded their wish being invisible, stay tuned to ‘Hero: Gayab Mode On’, every Monday to Friday, 2000 hrs to know Veer AKA Hero’s adventures.

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