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‘Yoga helped me beat the fear of coronavirus’: Monika Chauhan

Due to the rise in Covid cases, the Maharashtra government has announced that films, TV serials will be halted in the state. 

Actress Monika Chauhan who is presently seen in Dangal TV’s show ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ alongside popular actors Reena Kapoor, Roopal Tyagi, Ayub Khan, Deepshika Nagpal shares that she will miss meditating with her co-actors and that practicing yoga has helped her beat the fear of coronavirus.

Monika says, “My days are well planned from morning till evening. I try to wake up two hours before my call time. It’s my morning ritual to get up early and set an hour for myself where I like to do yoga and meditation. I have been following this routine before I came into the entertainment industry and I intend to continue it now with shoots halted as well.”

“It’s like a stress breaker for me as I cannot function properly without it and a quality time with myself that wakes me fresh and keeps me hydrated. Meditation and yoga are what kept me calm and de-stressed during the lockdown and even now with cases rising,” she said.

She also adds, “Like my co-actors, even I live separate from my family. I do my chores and prepare my meals. I’m not a foody person. I love to be fit. I keep my food light and my dishes are inspired by fitness and I always prefer homemade food as that’s what usually benefits and reflects you and your health.”

Yoga has indeed helped people gain a positive emotional state and strength during these difficult times.

‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising four daughters in a patriarchal society. Catch ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ at 2130 hrs on Dangal TV.

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