Daring, badass & fueled by fire of vengeance: Laut Aayi Hai ‘Begum’

Love makes you do unexpected things, but the fire of vengeance drives you to do things you never believed imaginable. The highly anticipated ‘Ek Thi Begum’ returns for its second season, which sees Anuja Sathe reprise her role as Ashraf Bhatkar but under the alias of Leela Paswan. Adhering to her vow to overturn Maqsood’s illegal empire and avenge her husband Zaheer’s (Ankit Mohan) death, this season sees her fearlessly dominate a man’s world and has everyone in power looking for her – the underworld, cops, and politicians.

The narrative of the first season followed the life of Ashraf, whose husband Zaheer, once the confidante of underworld don Maqsood (Ajay Gehi), got killed. Ashraf adorns the alias of Sapna, a bar dancer and orchestrates a plan to kill everyone responsible for the murder of her husband. But her plans were foiled, and Season 1 ended on a cliff-hanger with Ashraf’s life in the balance.

The second season begins with the hunt for Leela Paswan, another disguise donned by Ashraf who defied death and returned to her mission of bringing the dreaded and powerful Dubai don to his knees.

Writer/ Director Sachin Darekar said, “The crime world has always intrigued me. Not because of the guns and the turf wars, but because of the underlying emotions that rule these gangsters. This season delves into the emotion of revenge, of how it can blind you to do things that you’ve always been against and might even end up costing you things and people most important to you.”

Anuja Sathe said, “The most powerful people are those who have nothing to lose. My character already lost what was most important to her, her love. She’s determined to go to any lengths to avenge her husband’s death and to uphold her dignity. I also believe her tenacity to overcome obstacles is representative of the battles of today’s women, who in their own world are fighting to break the glass ceiling. This journey has truly been so special and memorable to me.”

With crime, drama, emotions, and vengeance – are you ready to follow Ashraf’s journey once again? Directed by Sachin Darekar and Vishal Modhave, this series also stars Shahab Ali, Chinmay Mandlekar, Vijay Nikam, Resham Shrivardhankar, Rajendra Shisatkar, Nazar Khan, Hitesh Bhojraj, Sauraseni Maitra, Lokesh Gupte, Mir Sarwar, Purnanada Wandekar and Rohan Gujar in pivotal roles.

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