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Gaurav Arora goes from fat to fit for ‘Aadha Ishq’

Gaurav Arora who shot to fame with the web-series ‘Asur’, is all set to impress yet again with the new season of the psychological thriller and with his newest series ‘Aadha Ishq’. The actor and celebrated model went all out to get under the skin of his characters, including a shocking body transformation for his roles on the shows.

Gaurav first piled on the pounds for ‘Asur’ and then shed it down to a chiselled physique for his role in the turbulent love drama ‘Aadha Ishq’. While hitting the gym with a vengeance and being passionate about fitness is in the actor’s blood given that he is one of the country’s biggest and most successful models, what made it challenging for Gaurav was the fact that he all suffered several injuries through this transformative journey.

Gaurav says, “This was a crazy transformation for me. I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast and to gain that weight for ‘Asur’ really took its toll on me. Through this journey of gaining and then shedding the pounds for ‘Aadha Ishq’ I also suffered two slip discs and three ligament tears which made it even more challenging. But as they say the show must go on and I powered through it.”

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